EEA Grants Mar Portugal

Refit Plan

Stern changes to support fisheries research
and the operation of remotely operated vehicles.

In the scope of the refit plan, the technical changes to be performed on the research vessel Mar Portugal aim to allow fishing operations and to support the operation of remotely operated vehicles (ROV).

Changes include installation of scientific equipment, winches and cranes – below and above the main deck – and a false deck as well as the establishment of scientific laboratories, and places for the installation of equipment with container bases.

The overall arrangement of the vessel aims to establish two distinct work areas on the main deck, allowing for operational interconnections between lower and upper decks in the bow zone. A set of equipment is going to be installed in order to support pelagic and benthic trawl fishing activities and geophysical operations, including the towing of scientific equipment. In the stern area it will take place the ROV operations, on the port side, and geotechnical, oceanographic, and marine biology operations will take place in the starboard side.

In the end of this intervention plan, the research vessel Mar Portugal will constitute a multi-purpose platform allowing supporting multidisciplinary oceanographic campaigns.